Suns Cantaro

Cantaro is one special horse. This guy has done everything from dressage and hunt classes to trail rides! But he's no dead head. He is well trained, solid arena horse as well as experienced trail horse. Cantaro bathes, clips, loads and trailers well. He has fantastic movement and has the potential to be a stellar dressage horse. He's ridden regularly and loves to get out and get attention. 

2010 Bay Gelding

Mazkarade x BF Bint Marina


Steel Magnanimus SKF

If you're looking for a guy to steal the show this is your boy!! "Spencer" is the sweetest gelding, he loves attention and will leave his food for a scratch!! He’s 15 hands, is very athletic and the only reason he’s available is I need to downsize. He lunges, loads in a trailer, stands tied and for the farrier, clips and bathes. He just came home from 30 days training under saddle and is ready to be put to work. Spencer has potential to be a solid dressage contender! 

2015 Gray Arabian Gelding

(ZT Magnanimus x ATA Versonnett)


Suns Apolo Ohno

 "Junior" is such a sweet guy. With a wonderful personality and a great mind this guy will take you anywhere and do anything. Junior has a lot of trail experience as well as arena training. He clips, loads and trailers well, bathes and stands for the farrier. This guy is ridden 4-6 days a week and gets out on the trail at least once a week. He can go out alone or with another horse. He is brave and willing, he loves exploring. He spent 5 weeks in training with Jeremy Dunn and he feels he would be a great bridle horse. Western dressage, stock classes, this guy can do it all!

2012 Bay Arabian Gelding 

(Mazkarade x BF Bint Marina) 


Suns Mosaico

"George" is a flashy little colt with mind like no other. He is so easy to handle and is so willing with anything you ask of him. He stands for the farrier, bathes, and loads in the trailer. He has been handled since birth, he's not pushy, but respectful. He's curious, brave and very willing to check things out (hence the name, Curious George). I think he'll mature to around 14.3, perfect size for any rider.  

2018 Chestnut Arabian colt

(Sun Spell SKF x Genuine Passion)


Suns Bayleyana

This lovely filly is a stellar cross of both her amazing parents. "Bayley" has a beautiful short head with a perfectly dished face and large expressive eye. She has Western Pleasure written all over her. She will be successful in main ring Western, Sport Horse or even the working western ring.  She is very athletic with strong Russian and Polish breeding behind her. Bayley has great conformation, and will develop into a lovely bodied mare. Once she has proven herself in the show ring she will be outstanding in the breeding shed as well. This filly will definitely be in the show ring and bred if not sold! 

2018 Bay Arabian Filly

(Kharismatic PGA x Suns Mystified)


Suns Ezekiel (pending)

"Zeke" is one good looking little colt he is extremely upright and correct. He has a charming yet curious personality. He is currently handled regularly, and is a pro with the halter! He will win you roses for sure!! Not a surprise considering he's a son of World Champion Stival. Zeke has main ring Western or Hunt potential as well as a place in the Sport Horse ring. 

2019 Bay Colt

Stival x Suns Mystified 


Bramante SKF

"Brandon" is going to be a rock star in the show ring. Seriously, this guy is over 15.3 maybe even 16 hands, and he can MOVE!! He will get you noticed in the hunter ring, and he will get you to the roses. Brandon is solid in the arena and has been introduced to the trail. He completed 5 week of training with Jeremy Dunn and is a solid horse with tons of potential. He stands for the farrier, clips, bathes, loads and trailers well! 

2015 Bay Arabian Gelding

(Versace x Loves Rose) 


Suns Enchaanting Ella

Ella is the belle of the ball! She is elegant, sweet and runs to the gate for attention.  She has been taken to local shows and clinics. She is ridden 3-4 days a week and is learning new things everyday. She picks up on things extremely fast and wants to succeed in everything you ask of her.  She is a beautiful mare with tons of type & is the fifth generation of the Sun King Arabian dam line. Give us a call and come visit this gorgeous girl in person!! 

2012 Bay Arabian Mare

(Marhaabah x Suns Mystified) 



Al-Azraq Leihe


Slater is SOLD to Elizabeth Lindquist!!  Cant wait to see all the miles you guys cover together!!  Congrats! 

2016 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

(Makhnificent KA x Lola Baraki) 

Suns Basaaria (pending)


Aria Is sold to Sam Cederberg!! So excited to see Sam and this filly grow together and accomplish many big things! Congrats 

2019 Grey Filly 

(Major Mac V x Om El Basma)

Suns Tupelo Honey (pending)


Tuesday is SOLD to Troy and Lindy Scott!! Yay! We cant wait to see what you both have in store for this wonderful ball of sunshine!! 

2019 Palomino Half-Arabian/AQHA filly

(Suns Spell SKF x SS Truly a Millian) 

Suns As You Wish


Buttercup is SOLD to David and Ami Clemson! We are so excited to see what they have in store for this gorgeous girl! 

2017 Palomino  half Arabian/AQHA Mare

(Jaspur x SS Truly a Millian)

Suns Romeo


Romeo found his JULIET Rhondda Atlas!! Truly is a perfect home so excited to see the bond these two create! 

2008 Bay Gelding

(Jaspur x MissAngelina Buck)

Suns Jasierra


Jassy was sold to a wonderful home with Isabella Brookshire. We are excited to see what big things come her way!!

2016 Flaxen Chestnut Arabian Filly 

(Jaspur x Sierra Bay B) 

Suns Citaborea


 This lucky filly landed with Sam Madden, we know she has big plans for Tabbi. 

2016 Half-Arabian/DHH-Saddlebred Filly

(Majesteit x Dangerous Beauty) 

Summer Song SKF


 Song is sold to Mariah Gray. She has started her endurance career. 

2011 Bay Arabian Mare

(Jaspur x SK Summer Breeze) 

Little Miss Sunshine


 Our first Half-Arabian filly sold to a wonderful home with Mary Margaret Groves.  

2015 Palomino Half-Arabian/AQHA Filly

(Jaspur x SS Truly a Milian)