Horses from Sun King Farms

Horses from Sun King Farms

Horses raised at Sun King Farms are handled daily since birth.  They are haltered, groomed and taught basics of good horsemanship. I have always believed in a philosophy of moving at the speed of the horse, teaching in short lessons and moving forward only when they are ready.  The babies are brought into the barn at night but they get out to the big pen every day, where they can run around and develop healthy bone and joints.  There are boards, rubber buckets, stall mats and ground poles, teaching them to pay attention to the ground and that there's nothing scary down there.  Once they are weaned they are moved out into the bigger pen, with more obstacles to further their learning!! I put a lot into teaching my horses to be good citizens, their future is important to me, our horses are family and they will have a home for life. If they ever are found in need of a place to land they can always come home. 

Sale Horses

Suns Citaborea

Sired by the great Majesteit, a Dutch Harness Horse/Saddlebred cross, Citaborea is truly a site to behold.  This filly is a fluid mover that exudes type.  She is out of our lovely mare Dangerous Beauty, who is a grandaughter of *Monogramm and Huckleberry Bey.

2016 Half-Arabian/DHH-Saddlebred Filly

(Majesteit x Dangerous Beauty) 

Summer Song SKF

Summer Song SKF (Jaspur x SK Summer Breeze)

Song's grandsire was a powerhouse producer of endurance horses.  Her full brother Suns Shine On is currently climbing the ranks in the endurance world, and Song definitely has the heart, strength and courage to follow suit.  

2011 Bay Arabian Mare

(Jaspur x SK Summer Breeze) 

Suns Desdemona

This filly will definitely captivate you! With her long stretchy stride and her rocking horse motion she will excel in the show ring.  She can start with a halter career then on to western, hunt or even the working rings. She is a beautiful daughter of Major Mac V and out of many generations of Sun King Farms dam line. 

2017 Bay Arabian Filly 

(Major Mac V x Suns Cecelia) 

Suns Apolo Ohno

Suns Apolo Ohno ( Mazkarade x BF Bint Marina)

This is the picture of what an Arabian should be.  With well sprung ribs carried by a strong short back and wonderful hip, this gelding could carry you across any desert.  Sired by Mazkharade and out of a *Monogramm daughter, Apolo has a look that screams Arabian Type.  

2012 Bay Arabian Gelding 

(Mazkarade x BF Bint Marina) 

RedHot ChiliPepper SK

Chili Pepper (Jaspur x BF ViennaVeronica)

This gelding is one to grow up with. First at the gate, he wants to be part of the family. He would definitely fit in to the tents of Arabia. Chili will excel at anything, hunter, dressage, endurance or a family horse.  Sired by the wonderful stallion Jaspur, he has many paternal siblings on the farm so you can see how he can develop.

2014 Chestnut Arabian Gelding 

(Jaspur x BF ViennaVeronica) 

Suns As You Wish

Suns As You Wish (Jaspur x SS Truly a Milian)

Two years ago we had a wonderful filly out of our palomino Quarter Horse mare. She was so exquisite we bred her dam back and we have a full little sister!! Two palomino filly bookends. Jaspur really has a talent at producing wonderful half Arabians. 

2017 Palomino Half-Arabian/AQHA Filly 

(Jaspur x SS Truly a Milian)

Little Miss Sunshine SOLD!!!

This is the wonderful filly we got from out first mating of Jaspur to our palomino AQHA mare.  I know you see palomino and think western pleasure, but don't let her color box you in.  This filly has the moves to be a hunt or even a dressage horse!! When she matures she will be a tall long smooth bodied horse. Ready for anything.

2015 Palomino Half-Arabian/AQHA Filly

(Jaspur x SS Truly a Milian) 

 See her video at:

Suns Enchaanting Ella

Ella is the belle of the ball! She is elegant, sweet and runs to the gate for attention.  She is well under saddle, solid in the arena.  She would only require finishing to go into any arena you want, or head out to the hills with her.  She is a very beautiful mare with tons of type. She is the fifth generation of the Sun King Arabian dam line.

2012 Bay Arabian Mare

(Marhaabah x Suns Mystified) 

Suns Jasierra

Boy will this filly get you the looks!!! Her bright blond mane gives this girl all the confidence she needs to shine anywhere.  She is a stellar mover and would be an asset to any show program.  She is a fast learner and is independent, not getting worked up when taken from the herd. 

2016 Flaxen Chestnut Arabian Filly 

(Jaspur x Sierra Bay B)