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Jaspur is the result of the proven *Monogramm/Gainey nick creating this classic dished head, nice long legs, beautiful length of neck, and excellent conformation. He passes his good looks, wonderful movement, and easy going temperament to his foals. His behavior in general is the best I've ever seen in a stallion. You can lean on him, hug him and do whatever you want and he just stands there loving the attention. He improves on every mare he's been bred to. Jaspur's foals are easy to train and willing to try anything they give everything they do 110%. He has the pedigree to back up his production record and his wonderful disposition, making him a very well rounded stallion.  

1992 Chestnut Stallion

ee AA, SCID and CA clear

(BF Monorey x BF Delightful)



We added Elias to the roster as Jaspur is getting up in years, and we need a stallion to cross on Jaspur's daughters. I went to Om El Arab and Janina showed me several colts.  This guys movement made me catch my breath!! He has a beautiful, kind eye and a wonderful personality.  Elias is put together well with straight solid legs and nice round feet. He has good length to his neck and a strong athletic back, loin and topline. Elias will be slowly started under saddle, maybe late in 2019 or 2020, depending on when he tells us he is ready.  I plan on showing, riding and breeding this guy.  He will prove himself in the show ring as well as out on the trail, maybe even an endurance race to two.  

2017 Grey Stallion

Ee AA Gg, SCID and CA clear

(Lawrence El Gazal x Om El Euphoria)



Every girl wishes for that black stallion, and I finally realized that dream.  I found Dusk and his 1/2 sister in a feed lot in Colorado, I bought them both sight unseen and since I have not been disappointed.  Dusk is sweet and easy to be around, he has that wonderful movement you would expect from his stellar old blood pedigree.   

This guy has 9 crosses to the great Witez II, he has a strong  lines, with no influence from main ring horses of today. We'll post his picture soon as he is gaining weight and getting that healthy luster back to his coat.  Dusk will definitely be offered at stud as I would love to see some of these old bloodlines carried on, I will be breeding him to two of my own mares this year.

2002 Black Stallion

Ee aa, SCID and CA clear

(LR Kailai Witez X Serya Xann)   




Farzonn is one of our wonderful lesson horses. He has been there done that, everything from Endurance, trail rides, to letting little kids hope on him and take off. This guy is amazing and we are so happy to have him apart of our heard. 

1999 Bay Arabian Gelding 

(Old Gainey x Crabbet)